The FP-303

Designed to be as portable as possible, the 303's wings are easily removed to rest on the cantilevered horizontal stabilizer. Field assembly time is less than 10 minutes. Once ready to fly, positive steering on the ground is matched by positively magnificent performance in the air. Take-off roll is a scant 100 feet, with climb rate an impressive 800 feet per minute.

In the 303, visibility is always good. The cockpit is situated slightly forward of the wing’s leading edge, giving you a clear view of what’s above, around and below.

Building the 303

The FP-303 is easy for even the first-time builder to assemble his flying machine. The builder simply glues the pre-cut and slotted pieces together with epoxy over the full-scale plans. Using common household tools, the average builder can be airborne in as little as 300 hours.

Affordability & Flyability Are Within Anyone's Capability

When Fisher's chief aeronautical engineer accepted the task of building a light plane that was inexpensive, yet a joy to fly, the results were simply amazing.

With its open cockpit and compact form, the FP-303 is wind-in-your-face flying that will take your breath away. The 303's controls acknowledge your commands quickly and accurately. Geodetic wood construction ensures the aircraft is solid without feeling heavy, reliable without being burdensome, affordable without sacrificing safety and performance.


Wingspan 27’8”
Length 16’6”
Height 5’2”
Wing Area 111 sq. ft.
Gross Weight 450 lbs
Empty Weight 235 lbs
Useful Load 215 lbs
Wing Load 4.1 psf
Power Load 18 lb/hp
Design Load Factors +4.6 – 2.3g
Construction Time 300-500 hrs
Field Assembly Time 5 min

Flight Performance
Velocity-Never Exceed 70 mph
Top Level Speed 60 mph
Cruise Speed 45-60 mph @ 65% power
Stall Speed 25 mph
Sea Level Climb Rate 700-800 fpm @ 40 mph
Take-off Run 125’
Landing Roll 125’
L/D (glide ratio) 9-to-1 @ 40 mph