The Avenger

Fisher Flying Products is proud to offer the Avenger to ultralight and light plane builders and flyers. The ultralight/light plane industry has lost sight of the original impetus for the movement of "Low Cost Flying."

The Avenger was designed to be both attractive and inexpensive from the very first drawing. Fisher has kept the larger pilot in mind, making the Avenger capable of accommodating a pilot up to 6'4"tall and 270 pounds.

The kit contains all the materials needed to complete the airframe except: engine, engine mount, instruments, pilot restraints, and paint. All wood is cut dimensionally and all plywood is cut to shape. Metal parts are ready for installation. The construction is all wood using a Warner Truss frame with 1/8 birch ply skins yielding the lightest, strongest fuselage available. Kits feature premolded fibre-glass cowling and molded windshield with canopy for cold weather flying. Full sized plans are included in each kit.

Easy to build, fun to fly!

The Avenger kit was laid out from the beginning with the first time builder in mind. Just like assembling a large model airplane, most parts are precisely cut to the correct size. Each part is numbered with the corresponding numbers on the prints. In about 300 fun and exciting hours you should have your Avenger assembled, covered, and ready to paint.

With a 26-50 hp two stroke (the Avenger) or a 65 hp VW (the Avenger V), the plane shows spectacular performance on takeoff, climb, and cruise. The Avenger is quite stable for hands off flying while maintaining light control pressure with good control response. The prototype will cruise 80 mph at just 5,000 rpm on the Rotax 503, single carb, 48 hp engine. With the removable canopy, the Avenger may be flown comfortably in summer or winter weather. Cabin heat may be installed.

Whether you are a newcomer or seasoned pilot, the Avenger will offer you many satisfying hours of flying pleasure.

Specifications Flight Performance
Wing Span 27’ 27’ Stall Speed 26-28 mph 26-28 mph
Length 16’3” 16’3” Cruise 60 mph 60 mph
Cord 54” 54” VNE 95 mph 95 mph
Empty Weight 250 lbs U.L. 280 lbs EXP Takeoff Roll 200 ft 100 ft
Gross Weight 600 lbs 600 lbs Landing Roll 200 ft 200 ft
Engine Rotax 277 or Hirth F-33 Rotax 447 or Rotax 503 Climb 400 fpm 900 fpm
Time to Build 300 hours 300 hours
Design Loads +4 -2.5 +4 -2.5
Headroom (with canopy) 40” 40”

Avenger V
Specifications Flight Performance
Wing Span 27’ Stall Speed 30-32 mph
Length 16’3” Cruise 80-90 mph
Cord 54” VNE 100 mph
Empty Weight 350 lbs Takeoff Roll 200 ft
Gross Weight 650 lbs Landing Roll 250 ft
Design Load +4 -2.5 Climb 800/900 fmp
Engine 65 hp VW