Dakota Hawk

The Dakota Hawk

The Dakota Hawk is undaunted by demanding pilots, high-performance flight, or cross-country trips.

Dual controls are an appreciated feature, and yield crisp and firm command of the aircraft. Equipped with a steerable tail wheel, main gear shock absorbers and available hydraulic brakes, the Hawk is accordingly loyal on take off and landing.

The I-beam wing spar and sturdy construction maintain stability and pilot confidence under the most extreme flight conditions.

The 550 lb. useful load, coupled with space for added instrumentation, avionics and optional wing tanks, make the Hawk an especially agreeable choice for cross-country flight.

More Your Size. More Your Style. More Your Speed

One of the most recent additions to the Fisher line, the two-place Dakota Hawk funnels new excitement, size and power into an aircraft so affordable.

The Hawk's folding wings are engineered with a simple yet secure locking mechanism, making set-up or take-down a 15-minute step.

Wings outstretched, the Dakota Hawk owns larger dimensions than any other Fisher model. A broadened fuselage creates a wider, roomier cabin, with space for two adults and a cargo of overnight baggage.

The engine compartment also reflect the needs of an ample occupant. The Dakota Hawk is designed for a 4-stroke engine, accepting the likes of a 65 hp or 85 hp Continental, O-200 Continental, 912 & 912S Rotax or the 6 cylinder Jabiru 3300. Properly equipped, the Hawk’s cruise speed will register over 95 mph.

Wingspan 28’6”
Wing Area 128 sq. ft.
Length 19’9”
Height 73”
Engine (use for data) Rotax 912 80hp
Gross Weight 1,150 lbs.
Empty Weight 600 lbs.
Useful Load 550 lbs.
Wing Load 9 lbs./sq. ft.
Load Factor +5.7 -2.28g

Load and performance ratings benefit from an augmented main wing spar, unsparingly sturdy materials, and proven geodetic construction throughout. A contoured vented cowling, high stance landing gear and available optional wheel pants contribute to the craft's stylish posture.

Flight Performance
Velocity-Never Exceed 120 mph
Max Speed 100 mph
Cruise Speed 90-100 mph
Stall Speed 35 mph
Climb Rate 800-1200 fpm
Glide Ratio 8:1
Range at Cruise 250 mi.
Takeoff Run 350’
Landing Roll 400’