Fisher Flying Products has reproduced the flying qualities of many classic airplanes in structurally sound and extremely affordable aircraft. These ultra light and experimental aircraft have proven aerodynamic stability and desirable flight characteristics.

From the company’s new modern plant in Caledon, Ontario Canada the components for 14 classic replicas are manufactured by trained and experienced craftsmen. Research and development for new aircraft is on-going. Fisher Flying Products’ entire line of aircraft is sold throughout North America and in 30 foreign countries.

The Standard construction kit offers builders the experience of assembling the entire aircraft from pre-cut, shaped and slotted wooden pieces, machined hardware, and formed fiberglass cowling and aluminum fuel tank. Kits come complete with easy-to-follow instructions and the industry’s finest full scale-full size blueprints. These blueprints allow the builder to essentially build the aircraft right on top of the blueprints with standard household tools.

The company also offers Quick Build kits, Partial kits, and Plans Only options to satifsy all range of builders.

Standard construction kits can be completed by the average builder in 400–600 hours depending on the model chosen.

Should you have any questions during the construction of your dream aircraft, Fisher Flying Products maintains an unparalleled factory tech-support team.

So pursue your dream and soar through the sky with Fisher Flying Products. We invite you to look around on this web site and discover the many products Fisher has to offer. Choose the aircraft that will make your dreams come true, and within a matter of days, you’ll be able to begin your adventure!


Gene and Paul

Darlene and Gene